The 4 C's - A Sustainability Platform For The Long Run


Wolwedans adopts the 4 C's (Commerce, Conservation, Community & Culture). They are a sustainability platform, developed by the Zeitz Foundation to mould our efforts into a comprehensive strategy supported by a global community of likeminded members participating in a  global  initiative. This strategy provides Wolwedans with a pertinent framework that allows us to effectively manage and monitor our progress towards sustainability goals and aim to inspire a new way.

Commercial viability is the key to sustainability and enables us to achieve our enduring purpose. To create genuine, long lasting change in our communities, we need to stroke the right balance between innovative growth, grass-roots influence and substantial funding.

 Equally important is our passion for conservation. Biodiversity is life. We support the protection of the Namibian environment with a focus on the Pro-Namib ecosystem as part of our global ecosphere and ensure that it is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner. We strive to proactively drive sustainable resource and environmental management for the benefit of both current and future generations.