The Most Important Thing is to Create Stable Communities

This is the True Measure of Success - Doing Well, By Doing Good


'People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all. Long Runners support activities that enhance the well being of communities they belong to or interact with. Activities in this dimension address fair working conditions, community relations, social infrastructure, social accountability, capacity building and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), among others.'

When it comes to community support, vocational training in the hospitality sector is the Wolwedans Foundations primary way of 'giving back'. Since the inception of NICE (The Namibian Institute of Culinary Education) based in Windhoek and the Wolwedans Desert Academy, back in 2007, over 300 young Namibians have received NTA accredited training, been certified and succesfully entered the job market. With institutional co-funding secured, the program will be expanded to cater for 80 trainees by 2019, making vocational training one of the Foundations, core focus areas.

Because we see the inherent value of our local people, our community engagement remains key to us. One of our immediate and closest communities is the village of Maltahohe. In perhaps one of our most ambitious projects yet, we have laid the groundwork to introduce a community based laundry project, housed at one of our properties in the town. The project is envisioned to support the camps and lodges laundry requirements, whilst building itself up into a self-sustainable, community run business.

Developing good relationships with our local communities goes hand in hand with providing positive opportunities for them and bears unquantifiable fruits, resulting in personal development nurtured through education, training and support.

At the Desert Academy, we provide a safe, healthy and fair living environment, taking great care to meet a high standard for the trainees in our care. Our health and safety policies have been developed over time to accommodate our unique location and environment.