It Certainly Takes a Village - Our Experience is No Different

Uncontrolled, commerce has had negative impacts. Conducted in a holistic and sustainable way commerce can be a positive contributor for The Long Run. Trading and the accumulation of wealth have been central to the development of civilizations over thousands of years and are likely to remain so. This dimension addresses the sustainability of commercial operations recognising the intricate link between profit, natural and social assets. Viable businesses offer the capacity to provide a source of income for people that depend on it, as well as long-term investment back into the initiatives in each of the 4Cs.

The Wolwedans Foundation relies on funds donated by the Wolwedans Collection of Camps & Lodges, up to 10% of its net profit, to support its work and initiatives. It also relies on funding and donations to grow these initiatives and reach even more people and communities with its impact. Economic viability is key to sustainability and enables us to achieve our purpose. To create genuine, long lasting wealth for the Foundation, its people and of course for Namibia as a whole, we have to display financial prudence and resiliance in order to stay secured for the long run.



Did you know? Our borehole at the Wolwedans Village has, over 10 years, managed to inject a staggering NAD 261 million back into the Namibian economy.

Did you know? The Wolwedans Collection employs over 100 employees