Shaping the future of Namibia by developing her human capital, showcasing her culture and conserving her environment.


We are committed to the creation of sustainable livelihoods in Namibia through education, community support, cultural awakening and conservation.

The Wolwedans Foundation Compass




At the Wolwedans Foundation, we know that 'fair' means balanced. It means that we see both sides and resist the pressures that can push us into extreme ways of thinking, working or living. It also means we are open to all and refuse to discriminate against people, or make judgements based on gender, race, religion, political persuasion, sexual preference or way of life. Being fair means listening as much as we talk and giving back as much as we take.


When building things - and people - up, not breaking them down - 'positive' means constructive. It means suggesting rather than criticizing and working for solutions rather than just complaining. It means supporting others when they try, encouraging them when they fail and celebrating with them when they succeed. It means 'we can' more often than 'we can't'.


 Honest means sincere. It means not faking it, walking the walk as much as we talk the talk. It means putting our money, our time and our energy where our mouth is. Being honest means admitting our mistakes and owning up to our responsibilities. This applies to our trainees, facilitators and partners. At the Wolwedans Foundation, this value supercedes the trainees time at our campuses and follows them to their job attachments and their part time work, during study leave.


Naturally 'creative' means imaginative. In our context, it requires of us to think outside the box. being creative means finding a way around a problem, rather than stopping when the walls are too high. It means looking for new ways, listening to new ideas and trying new strategies. It means striving for the most innovative solution because being 'good enough' isn't good enough. Being creative means having dreams and then making those dreams real things, in our individual worlds, at the Desert Academy and at NICE and of course in the real world where we live, grow and eventually work and contribute to society.


The Community Pillar of the Wolwedans Foundation Trust is to reduce poverty through skills transfer and economic empowerment and, at the same time, strengthen the capacity of the Namibian tourism industry, as a most important growth sector, to deliver quality service.

The Wolwedans Desert Academy works together with nice Restaurant & Bar, where comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the industry is provided in accordance with the syllabi as compiled by the Namibian Training Authority (NTA) and approved by the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA). The aim of the training is not only to improve the service delivery of the tourism and hospitality industry but also to improve the employment opportunities, job security and income of the trainees.

The expected results of the program will be a fully equipped hospitality training institution where Namibians will be trained every year in subjects that are needed to serve the hospitality industry of Namibia.

Once the training has been completed, the Wolwedans Foundation Trust will actively assist and support the trainees in securing gainful employment. At the request of a trainee, and whenever possible and feasible, the Wolwedans Foundation Trust will also assist in establishing community-based tourism or SME-based hospitality enterprises.