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We are entrusted to carry out the culture and community objectives of the Wolwedans organisation. As part of our community objectives, we run the two vocational training institutions, Wolwedans Desert Academy and the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education, NICE. The Wolwedans Foundation is also responsible to leverage sustainability at Wolwedans and NICE.

Philip Reyher - Head of Training

Philip Reyher is the Head of Training in Windhoek. He has facilitated trainees lectures, practical training and assessment at both campuses of the Wolwedans Foundation. Trained in Germany, Philip comes with a formidable experience set in hospitality, having been a lodge manager and food and beverage manager in the field. Philip also lectures German for the trainees and has been with the Wolwedans Foundation since 2016. His immediate successes were evident in the Foundations average pass rate of over 85% in the past 2 years.

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Jason Nengola - Sustainability Coordinator

Jason is the sustainability coordinator at the Wolwedans Foundation. He comes from a conservation centric role as an assessor for the Namibian Eco-Awards of Namibia. he displays passion for conservation and sustainable planning and is based at the Wolwedans Village in the NamibRand Nature Reserve. His key focus areas involve enhancing our awareness campaigns and strategies to reveal the story behind our desert-based economy through tours of the base village (back-of-house) and internal training mechanisms designed to enhance the teams knowledge of our environment and how best to preserve it. Jason is a firm believer in 'working today for a better tomorrow.' Jason manages the Conservation C.

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