Embracing Culture to Unlock Potential

Embracing Culture to Unlock Potential

Our world is culturally diverse. Celebrating commonality is what nurtures understanding. Respecting difference is crucial to our future. Our ability to innovate and evolve is what makes us uniquely human. Drawing on our uniqueness we enrich each other and contribute to a greater common good. Long Runners strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising awareness of cultural diversity. Activities in this dimension address issues of cultural heritage site protection, cultural heritage promotion and awareness, respect, cultural exchange.

Even the remotest landscapes can provide a canvas for the manifestation of art. We create a variety of platforms through which we enrich lives by awakening people's creative spirit.

At Wolwedans and the Wolwedans Foundation, we strive to embrace all cultures. To understand where our individual paths may cross and where they diverge. In celebrating our differences, we nurture understanding. Through mutual respect we can ignite new conversations and empower a deeper understanding of the tapestry of people and cultures in our land.

Strengthening intercultural relationships, safeguarding cultural heritage and raising awareness of cultural diversity is what we strive for. These are all intricately woven into the fabric of everyday life at the Wolwedans Foundation.

We are equally proud to share the cultural diversity of Namibia with all of the people we interact with. In the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, we are inspired by the tales of the indigenous San people, the earliest inhabitants of the Namib. Visits to ancient shelters and the striking rock-art paintings further deepen the appreciation for this ancient culture.

The team and our trainees are drawn from indigenous tribes all across Namibia, and so the array of cultures, habits and rituals that define the desert land are woven into everyday life. 

The Wolwedans Foundation promotes the expression of traditions from our varying cultures and communities, whether in arts, music or sports. The annual winter games, created by the Wolwedans Foundation are a unique opportunity for team members and trainees alike to participate in a sporting event which is fun and team building. Our people get an opportunity to show their talent in various team sports, like relay, volleyball, tug-of-war and e-biking.

We strive to “make things happen” as they say, and so we celebrate culture by preserving our national heritage, pursuing cultural exchange programs through engaging platforms, and encouraging creative expression and social cohesion through sports and recreation—all while developing wisdom through knowledge and crafting cultural awareness interventions that help to highlight our commitment to this very important aspect of our business.


The Wolwedans Way is a unique ethos created to generate well-being in our team of hosts and trainees, comfort and exclusivity in our guests, and positivity in our business methods and employees. We call it “our compass,” and it is centric in all we do. The needles of this compass are guided by these four values: honesty, fairness, creativity, and positivity. We have brought these elements into our practices on all levels. Our operations invest in local people by training a new generation of guides, cooks, and conservationists as well as businessmen and women.