Life in the 'Living Classroom' at the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE)

Here in the heart of the City of Windhoek - the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education is situated in a state of the art, fully equipped training restaurant. There are 3 locations that the trainees traverse during their course tenure. In a partnership with the Waldorf School of Namibia, the NICE trainees cook regularly for the children in attendance there, providing healthy, balanced meals for their cafateria. 

In addition - the trainees are given theory lectures in two locations - one is fully equipped with the elements needed to practice and train in housekeeping, the other is on site in the 'living classroom' at the NICE Restaurant. The trainees are able to see, touch and feel how to attend to a guest room and patrons alike. 

In the main building the trainees get a chance to work in a large training kitchen and are exposed to the 'Living Classroom 'philosophy encouraged by the Wolwedans Foundation, by using their talents and newly acquired skills to serve actual guests with meals they have prepared or helped to prepare - depending on their level of education.

In 2018, the trainees were visited by French chef's who, as part of an exchange program to share and teach NICE trainees various international skills, came to NICE and spent some time training our youngsters.

Aurelien Durand (24) of Nantes and her partner Ines Chatti (29) from Genoble in the south of France brought with them vast amounts of experience. Ines shared a kitchen with the likes of Joel Robuchon in Monaco and Bordeaux for over 4 years. Valence is world famous for Anne Sophie Pic's restaurant.

Afternoons are also spent taking care of the double story facility and the inner-city herb and salad garden from which the trainees acquire fresh produce with which to cook and prepare food for guests who book tables for their 3 course lunch, prepared daily.