Reducing Our Carbon Footprint by Procuring On-Site

One of the best areas to reap savings with regards to food costs is to look at the availability of dairy products on site. With the location of the Wolwedans Village being in the heart of the vast NamibRand Nature Reserve - distance is a deciding factor in assessing the carbon savings that can be made with regards to food availability for the tourism business run by NamibRand Safaris - the Collection of Camps & Lodges.


Following the same premise we have used to build the organic vegetable and herb garden, including its 2019 expansion - The Wolwedans Foundation found the generous sponsorship of one of its guests to create a chicken coup and a duck yard within the expanded area of the organic garden.


The chicken coup was opened in June 2019, by the international donor and the Chairman of the Wolwedans Foundation. We envisage that our eggs and meat will go a long way to not only reduce costs (transport and purchasing), it will also play a big role in basic bird husbandry understanding for our gardening team and kitchen teams.


The duck house, is designed around a pond that allows the ducks to explore the entire perimiter of the organic garden, whilst all being carefully covered in protective wire mesh, so as not to allow the poultry to mix with the indigenous birds of the Nature Reserve.